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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

the war that started it all

Saturn riding the Dark Horse
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As I once wrote in electric sheep and windmills (my second most popular post since 2012), this may take a bit of imagining.

In the beginning of that time humanity was to show up as a new thing, there was a servant of our Heavenly Father, a most beautiful being, who was trusted completely with full perms and access to a cool new gaming platform. Until he threw a great big fit about it.

Spoiler alert- Those of you who've actually seen game coders try to rise up and lock admins and even the game creator out of his own server (think public minecraft server) so they could recode the game without anyone being able to stop them might be able to see where I'm going with this. However, that is only a visual helping us look over a very serious matter.

We aren't given a lot of details about all the back and forth of damage done and stuff said and likely a very haughty challenge given, but somehow that rascal got locked into the game.
😆 wait... 😑😬😨😰😭

We do know there was an actual war in some kind of dimension that ripped "Heaven" apart (whatever that is) and about a third of the immortals were cast out/down to "Earth", the gaming platform or server. Like, we're stuck in a closed system with a bunch of immortal brats who want nothing more than to own and control everything in this game, including ALL OF US.

Let's think through the process of taking over creation, as it were.

The first thing usurpers do is twist up some loyal followers, a real insult back at the game Creator who made this really cool world full of beautiful places and awesome experiences to have (cliff jumping in one of those little flying suits, right). In this game we would be able to learn autonomy and choices (despite what some say, you can make choices about circumstances and behaviors without evil being necessary to instigate it) and generally grow into cool creative beings with a great potential for lovingkindness and problem solving.

How to twist... Because everything in the beginning was truth, peace, love, etc. A 'fallen' person can't really out-create the Creator, and everything was already splendid, so there had to be a way to start twisting it into something else. The immediate choice was twisting up human thinking, and I'll share with you some things I've picked up through several years of research. I'll say it simply, and if you want to go find this stuff yourself, go for it. It's really hard to put together because they've kept it hidden from the 'do-gooders' all this time.

The most evil thing you can do to game coding is set it upon itself, literally eating up the game. And that is where it all started with humans. Most people aren't aware of the Kabbalah Tree of Life and the darker esoteric meanings behind it all, which is fine, innocence needs to abound so we don't all die of hopelessness. But basically, there is this nasty way of life that some families live, feeding off their own birthing.

Lucy likes to make deals. (I call him that for short.) It's usually subtle and then right to the point. He obviously knows everything there is to know about this game since he had access and perms, so of course he knows about frequencies and plasmas and how brains work physically and psychologically, and he offers knowledge to MOAR of whatever in exchange for whatever taboo great or small he can eek out of a person. So real quick, he taught women (and through them the men) (I'll interject purportedly because I'm simplifying this) to use birthing as easy access to drugs, power, and control. Matriarchs in dark families know exactly what this is. Everything about birth is the best the body has to offer, and the beings that are grown from births can be controlled. For those of you who don't understand, the most powerful healing and intoxicating drugs are made in our own bodies, and people can be farmed for these drugs. Those raised in dark families are psychologically stripped and remade into drones, and these are the elite that run the world, doing Lucy's bidding.

Before I move on from this starting at the very beginning of humanity (some families still trace their ancestries clear back to Cain), I need to share a mystery about women. We are born with portals, a vesica piscis that allows souls to enter into this world in human form. This is the only way souls come into this world. Later on we learn that because of this portal into the game, demons cannot portal back to Heaven, a rules restriction. This alone indicates plenty about why in the world Lucy would want to re- and de-gender the entire planet and push transhuman tech on everyone with forced nanochipping under the guise of vaccinating. Even if a demon manages to be born (think 'giants in those days'), only humans are granted God's Holy Spirit through Christ, which is the way 'back' out of this game.

click snip to see John 3:5-7

I've been thinking about this for most of my life, studying my eyeballs and brains out for years in everything I can get my hands on, and from all the stacks and stacks and stacks of stuff I've sorted and sifted through, this seems to me to be at the heart of the vortex of fear through all our generations. Human sacrifice started at the beginning with Cain's family and continued through the many generations, swallowing whole nations with perversion and control mechanisms. Child sacrifice to Baal (or insert false god name here) have been going on for millennia in some form or another. In the time of Jesus it was still pretty blatant, and everyone knew exactly what those sacrifices and temple virgins were for. Human farming was a basic standard in religions the world over for so many generations that most people confuse it with the one true God who never required it to begin with. Once you grasp how prolific human sacrifice was throughout bible times, you start understanding what the whole big deal was when Jesus showed up. Along with human sacrifice came money magick, a sort of usury that keeps the poor poor while the money gamers (exchangers) 'make money on money', like right out of thin air. This still goes on under Admiralty or Maritime law and global banking, which, incidentally, have human sacrifice going on behind the scenes for those at the top controlling the money.

So that's quite a lot to take in if you've never run into all this stuff before, but wait, there's more!

It's kind of hard to keep up with all the research digging that individuals are doing on medias, and there is so much that there is just no time for it all, but I'll hand you an easy freebie demonstrating that our world history is not what we assume it is, what we've been told. The written chronological history doesn't match up to archaeological proofs, and this is a tiny piece of a much bigger picture.

On top of that, there's quite a bit of science we take for granted (because the entire world was formally indoctrinated with a belief system via 'schools') that is turning out to be demonstrably false once enough heads get together with sources and proofs from lifetimes of researching, but I won't go into that right now, it's too overwhelming. All I'll say at this point is everything we know has been so twisted for so long that we can no longer discern truth, because original truth is just gone. A world full of regular people with access to tech are very slowly (over several decades) putting together a huge puzzle of what can definitively be said to not be true because it simply just can't be. And given that, the questions arise over mass psychological programming and behold, actual papers are surfacing from decades past from government offices about doing just that. So basically, we are all 'farmed' to some degree, be it for our workforce, our indebtedness, our 'contributions' to 'society', our literal children (in some countries) being taken for military training, mass medical experimentation in the poorer countries, and much more. Our schools keep us in line with popularly accepted truths about what our world is, and very few question how controlled we all are. One example is an article I wrote about the Rockefellers initiating a Lockstep program, called Are you stuck in a rut?

So while the Green New Deal happens and the World Health Organization decides all our fates, we can't believe the conspiracy 'theories' (literal conspiracies) because we're so brain-trained to dismiss what isn't formally educated into us that we have a hard time figuring things out without constantly checking screens. That's all disttraction. What is really going on?

Lucy is a busy guy. He hates the whole creation thing, he loathes us so much he can hardly stand it, and he is hellbent on making everything about Earth a nasty perversion of what it was originally supposed to be. He delights in all our sufferings in every way possible throughout our waking moments and long into the nights. How can he do all this? Well, he's not human, he's this immortal dude with maxed up wizard level knowledge, and not only does he have this huge posse with him, he's also constantly sucking people into making deals and tradeoffs. You know those panic attacks you get? God never created that. You know that guilt you live with all the time? God isn't the one picking on you. You know the sadness that never goes away? THAT was manufactured specifically for you by 'fallens' that hate your guts. Their goal is your misery because God created you to be happy. Their goal is to supplant natural happiness with gluttony and greed and addictions like porn, gambling, and pills/alcohol/shooting up. They have infiltrated everything nice in this world and twisted it up into nesting dolls of control mechanisms.

And the slyest way they pull people in is with the promise of magic.

Be careful and think this through.

Because I've spent a lifetime going to God and getting exactly what I need when I need it, I know there are what some might call game cheats. God is cool like that. The game Creator has cheat codes and we are told all through the bible how to use them. Why cheat codes? Because we are prisoners of war under siege. While the 'players' use their fancy magic rituals to control outcomes and other people, I just ask God. He's bigger than all their magic.

True story, and I've told it many times. For those who say this world isn't what we're told, I've definitely seen that with my own eyes. One day a few years back I was about to drive through a very busy intersection when the car opposite me suddenly gunned out to turn left right across my path, maybe distracted by a cell phone instead of looking up at the turn light. When the straight lanes turned green, there he went. I've driven for many years, I know traffic and my car very well. I knew immediately he'd be plowing my bumper off if not worse, and without even thinking I thought God, I don't want this to happen. I mean, my first word in dire situations is always God, like a running convo. And within seconds I watched the fronts of his and my cars phase right through each other halfway up the hood. I drove on through in shock, evidently not being hit at all, and for two blocks was going that really happened, that really happened...

And that is not the only miracle I've witnessed. Magic can't hold a candle to what God can do. I bring up magic because it's important in the song below. 

Since this is long, I'll stop here for now, but you guys need to think through a few things. There are reasons God wants us to be nice people. There are reasons that loving and forgiving each other are the only way to 'win'.
What is this race to the finish line?

“Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God.”

Hebrews 12:1-3 

Who is the dark horse?

Those who wrap their lives around the zodiac, esoteric mysticism, and keeping secrets are helping the controllers control of us, whether they know it or not. Riddlers cannot tell you why they riddle because they swear blood oaths to keep silent. Interestingly, Alister Crowley would approve (Shh!) because underneath it all, they are all in bed together. Jesus said let your light so shine and that we are a lamp of light to all who are in the house. This is why they want Christian faith and talking about Jesus outlawed, because Christians (the real ones) expose evil for what it is. And no, Lucy and Jesus aren't the same guy. 2 Corinthians 6:15 That idea has been around forever, just another twist to mess people up so they won't have hope. Just as we saw up there that the truth of our chronological history can be twisted, so can etymological history. It's all a big brainwash. I don't believe for one second that the idea of good can even exist if it wasn't already existing on its own.

Every word in this song could be from Satan himself, and probably is. He's full of himself that way.

Monday, April 17, 2023

actually really done

Been sorting piles of stacked up stuffs and am very pleased to be making some final decisions on a few things.

  • I'll be deactivating my main twitter account as soon as the twitter blue auto payment has actually stopped and the checkmark goes away. (Never deactivate anything without stopping auto payments.) No looking back. I'm done with that crazy mess. Social media for ANYONE is an invitation into mental illness, and you guys know how easily and compulsively sucked into every conceivable rabbit hole I am.
  • I'm done sharing my life on the internet, although I do still enjoy blogging when I need to. I put years of work into journaling online and that will probably never really stop, but I've moved forward through a great big vibrant door into a very relieving new atmosphere and I don't foresee the kind of faceplant fail I used to go through all the time without support. That plus sometimes endless spam calls about 'publishing my book' will probably eventually lead to making all my blogs private. I know I've said I'll never do that again, but honestly, I don't owe anyone that kind of a promise.
  • My neuroses are over. That is a decision I'm making. Me and God will walk through whatever happens around me together, and I'm not going to angst about it. I walked away from all TV and social media 'news' over the last few months and I do not miss it. No more checking to see what is going on in the world. I'm spending the rest of my life not worried.
  • I'm also done with TV reviewing and being a fan of shows and actors. DONE. It's all distraction designed to make us stop living our own lives so we'll live vicariously on couches. Some of you saw how many years I put into that on twitter and TV review blogging. What a waste of time.
I have things to do, places to go, people to see. I'm busy.

See ya.